Well-being massages, a relaxing moment, just for you….

῍Girolles les Forges῎: space, tranquility, gastronomy but also Well-being.

While Christian will probably work in his kitchen to prepare a delightful meal, Corinne will be really glad to welcome in her Massages salon.

"In 2010, I passed my certificate of ῎Massage therapist῍ at the Cassiopée institute, in Paris and I created a massage salon in the house to be able to exercise my activity here".
These massages are made with biological oils and essential oils.

A break and a moment of relaxation in your day, I offer you the choice of several massages:

Discovery session :

your choice: back or feet and legs

The back: for a first approach to wellness massage


Feet and legs: relaxing foot and leg massage to relieve heavy legs

Length of the session: 20 minutes - 26€.

Session 30 minutes:

This wellness massage is a short but at the same time quite complete massage. Calming and enveloping, it relieves tension and will bring you peace and relaxation.

The session begins with the feet, then the legs and then the back, arms, neck and head.

Duration of the session: 30-35 minutes - 40€.

Session 1 hour:

Whole body massage, all in roundness for a complete relaxation of body and mind. Very soft, it will promote muscular and nervous relaxation.

The session begins with the dorsal part of the body: feet, legs, back, arms, neck and then the ventral part of the body: feet, legs, belly, bust and finally the face and head.

Duration of the session: 1 hour - 60€.

Session 1 hour and 30 minutes :

Whole body massage, more tonic and deeper, it relaxes muscles and tendons, strengthens and nourishes the skin, mobilizes toxins and strengthens the body, soothes the nervous system and promotes sleep.

The session begins with the dorsal part and then the ventral part of the body: all parts of the body are massaged (except of course the intimate parts), from the toes to the top of the skull.

Duration of the session: 1 hour 30 - 70€.


I will be your wellness massage practitioner for a moment of relaxation but I am also the hostess who welcomes you on your arrival and will be (with Christian of course) with you at the table d'hôtes in the evening.Massages require a lot of energy and I would like to preserve a moment of absolute relaxation for you: the announced massage times are often exceeded (of course without any extra charge) in order to keep a good quality of massage. That's why I'm giving you this little piece of advice:
- book your massage when you book your stay with us- On weekends and during busy periods in the guest room: massages of 1 hour or 1h30 will be given in the morning.- massages will not be available in July and August.
"Be good for your body so that your soul wants to stay there … "
In accordance with the law of April 30th, 1946, in the decree n°60665 of July 4th, 1960, in article L489 of the Code of Public health and in decree n ° 96-879 of October 8th, 1996, it is not at all about medical massage or about physical therapy but about technology of well-being.